The touch of science

My name is Marta Kulikowska and I am a Master of Animal Science with a specialty in equine anatomy and biomechanics (2015), as well as a certified equine physiotherapist (2017).

The combination of my education as an Animal Scientist and equine physical therapist allows me to look at the horse in a holistic way. I always consider factors such as nutrition, training, management or breeding as playing an important role in general well-being, body condition and physical fitness of the horse.

In my offer You will find a bunch of professional health-care services for horses, such as: manual therapy (massage, myofascial release), stretching, kinesiotaping, post-injury and post-operation rehabilitation, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) therapy, TENS and laser therapy. All methods that I am using in my daily practice are science-based and proven, so You won’t find any “hocus-pocus” here. It’s not a magic touch – it’s a touch of science! I strongly believe that understanding of functional anatomy and physiological processes going-on within the body are a key to success in my therapy.

I will happily serve horses in all ages, breeds and state: sport and hobby horses, sick/injured or physically fit, elderly or young. The treatment is always tailored to the specific needs of an individual animal.

The purpose of my job is to keep the horse in the best possible physical condition or – in the case of an injury – to bring him back to health as quickly as possible.

My offer is addressed both to veterinarians who seek support in their practice as well as individual horse owners who want to take care of the health and physical condition of their animals.

I sincerely invite you to cooperate and consider a bodywork as an inseparable element of horse’s well-being.

Hope to see you,

Marta Kulikowska.






2017: Certificate in Equine Physical Therapy, Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation College of Further Education, Warsaw, Poland.

2015: Master of Science in Animal Science, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Specialty: Equine anatomy and biomechanics. Master’s Thesis: Histological and anatomic characteristics of equine myofascia.The project included 8 full-body dissections of horses.

2013: Bachelor degree in Animal Science, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland. Specialty: Nutrition, breeding and management of companion animals.

Conferences, seminars and courses

2017: Neurorehabilitation of horses: diagnose and treatment of neurologic patient. Heli Hyttiainen. Warsaw, Poland.

2017: Horses Inside Out Annual Conference: Assessment, evaluation and action. Grantham, UK.

2016: Horses Inside Out Annual Conference: Backs Balance and Biomechanics. Cirencester, UK.